World's first handcrafted Bird's Nest Blooms

The idea for NestBloom was a small seed that grew over decades of experience in the bird’s nest business.

We first embarked on our journey over 20 years ago, inspired by the natural beauty of the small, chattering swiftlets swooping in and out of our warehouse, making their homes in the soaring rafters above our heads. Our family business has always carefully nurtured the finest bird’s nests to offer the pure, natural taste of tradition.

Over several centuries, bird’s nest has been treasured as a health tonic and anti-aging elixir across Asia.

From one generation to the next, mothers and grandmothers have spent hours painstakingly hand-picking and preparing bird’s nests, lovingly preparing this traditional dish to comfort and care for the wellbeing of their families.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy bird’s nest anytime.

Blending tradition with technology, we’ve created a truly revolutionary preparation — the first of its kind — to craft a swifter way to treat our families to the wholesome, healing goodness of bird’s nest without compromising on the benefits of this delicacy. Made entirely from scratch with all-natural ingredients, our blooms contain no preservatives, additives or chemicals.

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