I Totally Love Singapore Because...

The onset of the pandemic this year has almost swept many of us off our feet unwittingly. But because of our steadfast love for our nation, our unifying solidarity and exemplary resolve of our leaders, we stand unwavered. 

We ran a quick campaign to gather the sentiments of our fellow peers, and are totally inspired by various heartfelt entries. As a gesture of appreciation, we dished out our treasured collections of locally-themed products to royally thank each and every of the contributors, in the spirit of National Day.

Citing some of our favourite posts:

swedeprince - 

I Totally Love Singapore 🇸🇬 and this is best expressed in my self-written haiku 📝:

🇸🇬 S-Singapore, I love

🇸🇬 I-island where I can call home 🏠,

🇸🇬 N-next to paradise

🇸🇬 G-great place to live in,

🇸🇬 A-always filled with love and care,

🇸🇬 P-peace and harmony

🇸🇬 O-onward we progress

🇸🇬 R-ready to unite and to

🇸🇬 E-excel together 🤝...

🇸🇬Happy 55th National Day!


One of my greatest blessings is to have been born and raised in Singapore. Moving beyond its impressive statistics in a variety of fields, one thing that stands out for me is the safety and security with which women can live here. Strict and well-enforced laws mean protection from crimes against women that are commonplace elsewhere in the world, even in this day and age when countries are moving into complex levels of economic and technological development. And what better way to commemorate the birthday of a nation that has raised me like a mother by enjoying the freedom to move around independently, by going on a nature walk through the park connector at a time when the sun is still furtively peeking through the crown of leaves that adorn the neatly pruned trees.

Foresight and futures planning: distinctive hallmarks of our Government. When we first got our flat in Sembawang in 1998, and during my commute between our old and new places, I used to wonder why the journey between Yishun and Sembawang often felt long enough to have another stop in between. It was only some years later, with the birth of Canberra town that it all started to make sense, how everything is part of a much larger picture. In the same way, life's events when seen in isolation, make no sense at all, it is only by giving time that the greater wisdom behind everything dawns upon one and that realisation is so liberating. Happy 55th Birthday, Singapore !

syasya101088 - 

Racial and religious harmony is a vital investment for peace, progress and prosperity in our multiracial and multi-religious Nation. We resolve to strengthen religious harmony through mutual tolerance, confidence, respect, and understanding. Singapore is one of many countries that have to work hard at social cohesiveness and I'm so proud of it being a Singaporean! Majulah Singapura! 🇸🇬✌❤

Though I may not have 55 wishes for the country, I do L-O-V-E Singapore.

L, for leaders with the foresight and love for Singapore to achieve a more fulfilling pace of life

O, for Singaporeans to have ownership in building the Singapore brand

V, for stronger values, aspirations and sense of belonging

E, for equal opportunities provided to everyone, so they can excel, and especially to ex-offenders, people with disabilities, the aged and foreign workers.

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