11 Years of Fun And Hotness

On 10th of October this year, TotallyHotStuff proudly celebrates the 11th year delighting customers with creative gifts and ideas.

A quick walk down the memory lane, we fondly remember our first retail outlet at The Cathay (#02-13) which was set up to house unique brands and products under one roof. It was then when unique lifestyle merchandise were not commonly found, as most malls used to carry run-of-the-mill products. It was from this humble outlet where we forged lasting relationships with brand owners, suppliers and customers. Some customers even turned life-long friends and fans! 

Following the year Cathay was set-up in 2009, other outlets were set-up subsequently. Our 'compact' and often 'squeezy' outlet on the bridge between Bugis+ and Bugis Junction was our second outlet, launched a year after our Cathay outlet turned out to be a success. For a period of time, we were fortunate that our Cathay outlet was bestowed the reputation as the store that was always packed.



As we wanted to reach out to more customers, we gradually sprouted more retail spaces spanning from town to the heartlands, such as Orchardgateway, Raffles City, West Coast Plaza and One@Kentridge.

During the year-end Christmas season, we doubled up the fun with our Hot Christmas Markets which can take on different locations every year. Here are some of our favourites:



After a good 10 years, Cathay ceased operations last year followed by other outlets and the pandemic this year decisively led us into evolving further into the online retail scene. We look forward to many more 11 years of fun and excitement as we continue to cook up more interesting products that stick out of the norms. With the support of our lovely customers, we are positive that we can continue to stay sizzling hot. :)

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