Celebrate This Chinese New Year With These 8 Lucky Items!

Jan, 17 2022
Red lanterns, red hair and red decorations everywhere! Y'all know what time is it? It is Chinese New Year!! Yay! The time where we get to flash our new hairstyles, OOTD (outfit of the day) and err hmm...make our parents proud by pretending to be the overachievers we dreamed of among our relatives...

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8 Socially-Connecting Christmas Gift Ideas (Budget-Friendly)

Nov, 18 2021
Just when you thought that every cloud has a silver lining and things are resuming slowly to the previous normal, the Omicron variant rears its ugly head...arghh!! Being constantly apart from your friends and peers for the past 2 years is definitely a dampener to your once happening gatherings wh...

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Totally For Good Birthed To Help Children With Special Needs

Oct, 02 2021
These days, 'Good' may be the new 'Hot'. Having a common love and compassion for children with special needs, a charity initiative was birthed between Totally Hot Stuff and Art for Good - Totally for Good. Infusing corporate gifts with thoughtful meaning and love, embellished with original artwor...

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

May, 01 2021
On this "Labor Day" weekend, never forget whose shoulders you had to stand on to get to where you are today. Your mentor, friends & loved ones have helped you to achieve greater heights.Let us continue to be imbued with the fighting spirit like our sports ambassadors @fight_factz, @ Team SG Wrest...

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Happy Earth Day!

Apr, 22 2021
We are proud to be awarded the Brands for Good CarbonCare Label by Carbon Care Asia and Brands For Good.Together we'll continue to save the earth, one sustainable gift at a time!#happyearthday #climatechange #environment #savetheplanet #sustainability #zerowaste #gogreen

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