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Ain't it good to be kept reminded of good things to come?Put good vibes on your dining table with this awesome coaster set!..


Owls like to stay awake all night, but this little guy is more than happy to join you every morning for breakfast. The Morning Owl can hold your boiled egg and store some salt and pepper to make your egg even tastier...


These whimsical coasters will be a hit with your guests!..


It's easy to show some love with these vintage style LOVE coasters. Your guests will adore these fun and functional home accessories...


Adds fun and color to the dining table! Spice up the look of your dinning table with this unusual napkin holder. The seemingly dripping liquid gets its color from the napkin itself: brown napkins will look like chocolate dripping, red ..


Live, Laugh, Love... Packed with 5 delightful coasters to cheer your day. ..


One of the items from the Help! collection. The Help teaspoon will put an amusing twist on your drink, and make it appear that a hand is reaching out of your mug...


The void deck - a public space and gathering point for social events - with its furniture, was designed to keep the kampung spirit alive in our high-rise dwellings Shrunk into a dish, the iconic mosaic tiles of the void deck chess table reminds us of..


Bees make honey in their hive and automatically return to it instinctively! Is there a special someone whom you can't help but be attracted to? :DSpice up your living space with these adorable honeycomb coasters! They are made with durable and washab..


Spice up your living space with these adorably fun busy buzzy bee coasters! They are made with durable and washable cotton twill/denim, both front and back, with velveteen for its black colored details!IMPT NOTE: DELIVERY WILL TAKE 4 WEEKS..


Spice up your living space with these adorably fun birdy coasters! Birds of the same feather, must flock together! They are made with durable and washable corduroy, both front and back!IMPT NOTE: DELIVERY WILL TAKE 4 WEEKS..


Under Picky Boy's spiffy hat is a wild hairdo. Pull his hat up to reveal his anime-inspired toothpick hair!..


Did you know that hummingbirds are attracted to sweet things and can hover over flowers with they fast-beating wings to sip with their highly specialised beaks? Now get your own hummingbirds, and they will hover around your food and help your keep yo..


The ground rumbles when these two elephants come marching towards your meal... or was that just your tummy? No matter, as the ground shakes, so will the elephants as they dispense salt and pepper while you can dispense facts about pachyderms to your ..


The bear brothers are the keepers of flavour, and are tasked with the responsibility of flavouring your food should your guestsr require. The polar bear is the bear-er of salt, while the brown bear is the keeper of pepper. When not in use, you can re..


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