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General Storage

Clouds hold lots of moisture, which is no wonder why your house plant would be happy sitting in one! The Cloud Pot is designed to hold your plants, bathroom accessories or any other item you wish to place in it. You don't have to worry about your thi..


A Baa-rilliant way to keep everything in sheepshape condition in your bathroom. Fluffy cotton balls in the clear container make it look like he has a woolly coat, and help you keep track of when you need to refill. A concealed drawer for cotton buds ..


Bring a modern touch to your office or desk. Keep all your letters and work papers in order in this eye-catching metal paper holder looking like the familiar inbox envelope symbol.The inbox paperwork holder is an original gift for a co-worker, t..


The cloud has come offline to help make your life a little more interesting. Hang your things over this sturdy cumulus, or hide little things like keys in its hidden compartment...


Keep your cotton buds in this adorable snow-globe with a tiny pine tree in the middle to make whatever activity you need doing with the cotton buds a little more fun...


Empty vessels make the most noise, so fill up your Brain container with your accessories and keep your room clutter free...


Organise your stationery or accessories with the Pear Pod. It adds a fresh aesthetic look to your decor, while doubling up to conceal the things you are storing inside...


A wooden home accessory for the modern age! Sometimes it's hard enough to communicate with other members of your household on a good day, without the distraction of a mobile phone or portable computer game. So now you can attach this wooden wonder to..


A perfectly proportioned tin from The Bright Side for storing all those receipts that you're supposed to keep (for reasons unknown!). Decorated with The Bright Side unique lettering, the top quotes "Tin of denial" and the reverse slogan is "I can fee..


An apple a day keeps the mess away! The Happle container is a simple perfect solution to keep your place clean at all times. Pleasing the eyes as well as the soul, Happle sits pretty as a decorative item at the same time. The Happle stalk is cleverly..


A sweet little hinged acrylic case that keeps your cotton swabs fresh, dry and ready to use. Because everybody needs something white and fluffy sometime...


A Toothy Hideaway for your secret sweets! Tired of the dentist bossing you around? Who's he to tell you to stop sampling your tasty treats. 4 out of 5 dentists agree - you should always HIDE your candy, especially in grabby offices. Please remember t..


Store your secret treasures in this book storage box. Place it on the shelf with other books and it blends right in...


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