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For the man in your life who has a sense of humour and loves his wines! ..


This Santa's suit and hat fits standard sized wine and champagne bottles. Next time you're heading to a holiday party slip this festive Santa Claus suit complete with Santa hat onto your bottle of red or white and you're covered. It makes a grea..


Open your wine bottles in the best way with with this Wine Angel corkscrew. It will make your drink seem... heavenly...


Easy way to serve chilled wines. Place the inner gel coat into the freezer, when ready place it back into the sleeve and put your bottle of wine inside. As the sleeve is foldable, it is easy to take with you on a picnic and easy for storing...


Happy Cap offers 3 functions at once. The silicon design slap on is a bracelet and can be unfolded to act as a bottle opener. But this is not all! The third function is after pouring in beer from the opened bottle into your glass, the Happy Cap can b..


BACCHUS is a silicone slap on wine thermometer.Just put it around your wine bottle and it will tell you if the wine is the right temperature for serving or storing. The BACCHUS has a button to switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit...


WINE BOY offers 4 silicon coasters and 6 glass markers in one. Simply take out the markers from the coaster and place them at the foot of your (wine)glass...


Give your guests a wedding favor with regal flair. This elegant Queen Crown Wine Stopper even includes the mandatory crown jewels (well. . crystals). Pair with our King Crown Wine Stopper for a great couple's gift that will add royal sparkle to their..


A humorously designed wine holder in the shape of a man and a woman running away from a heavy something (a bottle) that seems to be falling on them...


This gold bar not only look expensive but it will open your bottles when required...


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