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Introducing our CNY 2017 edition plushie!  Word has it that star-crossed lovers sent romantic messages through these wafers and destroyed evidence by consuming them. Myth or fact? No one knows, but we have the creators to thank for the..


What's brown, crispy and irresistible? You got it, curry puffs!A savory pastry revered for its fragrant mishmash of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures - it's oh-so-Singapore! Here's introducing a zero calorie version brought to you by the Nom Nom Tea..


Pineapple Tarts are an all-time favourite Lunar New Year snack for Singaporeans. Aside from their delectable flavour, these new year goodies also represent "prosperity" - a widely coveted blessing! So, here we present to you, a cuddly and huggable "t..


Not only do they taste good, they feel good as well! Soft, fluffy and hug-able!..


The gem biscuit cushion is inspired by the popular all-time-favorite colored icing biscuits. Didn't you once thought that they were too small and you couldn't have enough of them? Now you can get a supersized one! ..


The Ang Ku Kueh Cushion is an XL cushion version of the Chinese pastry made of glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling. Its name is literally translated into "red tortoise cake". Its traditional red colour as well as the Chinese char..


The mythical Merlion, the legend of grand proportions and ambitions of Singapura (Singa meaning Lion, and Pura meaning city in Sanskrit), has always been larger-than-life in stories and in person. Reincarnated as a more cuddly self, we hope it contin..


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